"Swelling with swampy folk shapeshifting and smooth wrinkles of glossy pop magnificence..." - B-Sides & Badlands

"a crash course in pop perfection" - Mind Equals Blown

"harmonies so opulent they sound like they've been double dipped in gold"

- The Devil Has The Best Tuna


"...a folk pop banger that forcefully pushes back against misogynistic detractors"

- Adobe & Teardrops


New York's Boy Band is the collaborative project of Ana Dratz, Jen Fischer, and HaleyJane Rose. The trio blends their unique songwriting styles to create catchy choruses with stirring harmonies and swells. After an impromptu performance at a friend's barbecue brought them together, the three began writing collaborative tunes and cutting their teeth at venues including Rockwood Music Hall, Sidewalk Cafe, and Pianos. In 2017, the band released debut EP Begin, a comprehensive introduction to Boy Band's sound; contemporary pop with an appreciation for classic folk; gripping earworms weaving in and out of sprawling, hypnotic harmonies. The opening track "Think Things Through" eases in with the simple strum of an acoustic guitar before busting into a wild symphony of kazoo, glockenspiel, and tap dancing. Yes, tap dancing. "Up From The Mud" is an empowering pop number with an inescapable chorus, the perfect soundtrack for smashing the patriarchy. Lead single "Sorry (High & Dry)" is a big, middle-finger comeback tune that will have you humming the refrain as soon as you hear it. In 2018 they followed up their EP with the single "Still", an eclectic wave of jangly guitar, oddball harmonies, electro-pop beats and ear-grabbing lyrics. The song is a powerful example of Ana, Jen and HaleyJane's ability to keep the listener guessing from a song's first note to its' last breath. They are currently recording their first full-length release, due out in 2020.

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