Single Premiere "Still" | Rare Candy

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Rare Candy has the early premiere of our new single, "Still"! Peep a sample of the article below, then click here for the full interview and song!

"NYC based trio, Boy Band, first caught our attention two years ago on Soundcloud, and captivated us last year with the release of their debut EP, Begin. Now, we’re excited to premiere the trio’s latest single, “Still”, a poppy trip down memory lane, a song about your awkward teenage years and learning to love them. Per usual, the vocals of HaleyJane Rose, Ana Dratz, and Jen Fischer tell a story rich with carefully crafted harmonies and infectious melodies. This song is sure to end up on your summer playlists, and it’s a great hint as to what Boy Band has in store, as they are working on their upcoming album.  We chatted with the magical beings of Boy Band about how the trio writes songs, blending different musical tastes, and their favorite boy bands." - By Tatiana Becerra

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